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New Harley Bagger Flag Mount Brackets

New Harley Bagger Flag Mount Brackets POSTED ON 05/29/2018 BY EUGENE LEPTIEN We listen to our customers We had a customer lately that wanted to mount flags on his bagger. He called up and asked if the car mount would work on the back of the bag so we tried it. It didn’t fit at…

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Mounting The X50 Car Flag Mount

Mounting the X50 Car Flag Mount is very easy. Clean window. The flag mount has a industrial grade suction cup to hold the mount on the window just in case someone roles the window down. The window must be clean so no dust is under the suction cup. Dust will eventually break the seal with…

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Custom Flag For myTeam Triumph

Darrin Gets a Custom Flag Darrin Albrecht is an awesome person and myTEAM TRIUMPH is a great place to give. I met his team when I presented this custom flag to Darrin. His team are the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. Here is a little about myTEAM TRIUMPH myTEAM TRIUMPH is…

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