9/11 Memorial Wall Flag - Thin Blue/Red Line (White)


Please Note: Only Flags made for X50 Flag Mounts are warrantied.  Flags made to fit any other pole do not have a warranty and we cannot guarantee how long the flags will last.  Due to the design of the X50 Flag Mount we do not have to triple sew the ends like other flag mounts. For X50 Flag Mounts its the flag mount that makes flags last longer, not the flag stitching. Click Here to see our Flag Mounts

9/11 Memorial Wall Flag – Thin Blue/Red Line (White)

9/11 Memorial Wall Flag that commemorates the firefighters, paramedics, police, and Port Authority officers that lost their lives on that tragic day with their names on each flag.  We must never forget those who were there risking their lives during our nation’s darkest hour, rescuing others at the peril of their own lives. For that we are eternally grateful for their ultimate sacrifice, and for that we must Never Forget

Each flag is made from heavy weight high sheen polyester material for exceptionally vibrant colors and sewn with #92 thread for extreme durability. When using our X50 flag mount your flags will last over 50 times longer than other flags. See our flag mounts here.

  • Made from high sheen polyester material for vibrant colors
  • Sewn with Solar Guard #92 thread for durability.
  • Proudly Made in USA

X50 Flag Mount Sold Separately

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