BUILD YOUR OWN: Chrome Truck Flag Mount With 8x11" Top Flag & 6x8" Bottom TRUMP Flag of Your Choice



Show Your Support For the Long Haul with this Truck Flag Mount

Show your support of one of our nation’s greatest president’s by flying a Trump flag on your truck! The X50 Truck Flag Mount with 8″‘x11″ & 6″x8″ Flags is a truck flag mount designed by a trucker, for truckers.  Each truck flag mount kit comes with a flag mount with our unique patented design which protects and prolongs the life of the flag, premium, high quality, dye-sublimated flag which gives you the crispest images and most vibrant colors, and a self leveling mirror mounting bracket that secures your flag mount to your truck. 

These flag mounts allow you to fly flags on your truck in clean airflow;  you should easily get at least 30,000 miles out of each flag before showing any sign of wear! Each truck flag mount is handmade in the USA by a small family owned business in Wausau, WI. See the other benefits of the X50 Truck Flag Mount below!

**Each Truck Flag Mount Kit Comes With Everything You Need to Easily Install and Fly Your Flags Right Out of The Box. This includes the Flag Mount, 8×11″ Flag of choice, 6″x8″ Flag of Choice, Mirror Mounting Bracket to Fit Most West Coast Style Mirrors, Loctite, Set of Wrenches, Instructions, and Topper**

x50 Truck Flag Mount product features

Unique Design Protects Flags

Patented design not only looks good and unique but is designed with one purpose in mind: to preserve flags and save you money. One customer reported getting 60,000 miles before replacing his flags, and was only replacing them because they were dingy from road grime.

Made For The Long-Haul

X50 Truck Flag Mounts are made to withstand any weather condition and are meant to be mounting year round. With over 1 million miles of testing on our founder’s truck while he was an OTR driver these mounts should last you years, if not a lifetime.

Self-Leveling Mounting Bracket

Our Truck Flag Mounts come with mirror mounting brackets which features arched bolt slots which allows you to level your flag mount, even if you have angled mirror bars. Great for antennas too!

Fly Flags in Any Weather

Flags are meant to be flown, no matter what weather. After extensive testing in every weather condition these flags and truck flag mounts are approved for almost any weather condition.

Show Your American Pride

Your truck may be considered your home with how much time you spend in it. Fly your flags proudly and show that famous American pride!

Handmade in USA

Each truck flag mount & flag is handmade in Wausau, WI with quality USA made materials.

Flag Secured By Mount

Why pay for a flag mount that is “Stainless” or “Chrome” if the flag goes over the pole and you can’t see it? Our flags slide down into the pole, which not only secures the flag from coming off or being stolen but also allows you to see what you paid for: that chrome-like finish.

Premium Quality Flags

Our flags are made with the highest quality polyester fabric and are colored using dye-sublimation which “dyes” the fabric. This process leaves you with vibrant colors and crisp images.

Attention-Grabbing Toppers

The high contrast of the bronze topper with the chrome like finish of your truck flag mount is sure to grab attention and be the envy of those around you.

The History behind the x50 Flag Mount

X50 Flag Mounts was born out of one our country’s darkest hours: September 11th. After that horrific tragedy there was a sweeping sense of Patriotism across our nation. You would see flags everywhere and on everyone’s cars. As quickly as they came they left, mainly because the flags didn’t last long and the loud flapping made it really annoying to drive with. 

At the time our founder was a truck driver and he too put a flag on his truck. After one day’s worth of driving (roughly 500 miles) the flag was absolutely shredded. “This is going to get expensive” he thought to himself. A few days later as he drove down the road he held a flag in his hand out the window. As it flapped hard he thought of how he could make the flags last longer, when he moved his hand from the clean airflow to behind the mirror. Instantly the flag stopped waving. From there, the X50 Flag Mount was born.

How the X50 wings work

With our patented design the X50 Flag Mount has one goal: to make your flags last longer even at high speeds. Thomas Edison’s light bulb idea took 10,000 attempts for him to get it right, we had a similar experience in the development of our flag mounts. The unique combination of the “winged” design along with the air regulation slots took countless revisions to get it right. We greatly value innovation and are constantly looking for ways to make our products better. See how the wings work in the video and diagram below.


  1. The Wings deflect air around the flag, thus preventing and prolonging flag life by reducing the whip of the flag.
  2. The slots regulate air flow to the flag, providing just enough air to ensure the flag flies perfectly at all speeds.


  • Your flags will last 30,000 miles (or more) in clean airflow at highway speeds. If not in direct airflow they could last upwards of 50,000+ miles on OTR trucks & cars and possibly even longer on motorcycles (some customers reporting getting well over 100k miles out of their flags on their motorcycles)
  • The flags will fly quietly as if they were not even there with no loud flapping sounds

X50 Truck Flag Mounts are the only flag mounts designed to be flown on any vehicle at highway speeds. Other flag mounts may say they are “parade flags” and actually have a warning that you cannot drive over 45MPH or the flag will shred or break off. Don’t be limited by your flags!

Flag Mount Dimensions & Specs

18" 2-Flag Truck Flag Mount
X50 truck flag mount 2 flag dimensions
X50 2 Flag Truck Mount with 8x11" Top & 6x8" Bottom Flag
18" Truck Flag Mount
X50 truck flag mount dimensions
18" X50 Truck Flag Mount with 11.5x15" Flag

What else makes us unique

We Offer Company/Fleet Discounts

Interested in purchasing mounts for your company or an entire fleet? Well you’re in luck because we offer fleet discounts!  We will even turn your logo into a custom flag for free! Call us or email us at to learn more!

Custom Flags With No Setup Charges

We offer custom flags with no setup charges or minimum orders. Already have it designed? Great! Still need to design it? We have a custom flag designer right on our website. Not an artist? That’s OK, if it’s not up to our standards or yours we can help you get it just right.

We Offer Military/Service Discounts

Are you active duty or a veteran of the military, police force, firefighter, sheriff, or EMT? Did you retire from any of the above? If yes then give us a call! We offer special discounts for those who have served our great country.

Outstanding Customer Service Built on Relationships

Your Feedback is Valued and Helps Drive our Innovation

In this day and age if you’re not constantly getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no status quo anymore.  We strive to be the best flag mounts on the market but can’t do that alone, it takes help from our customers which is why we always encourage and value feedback. Many of our innovations have come from that feedback from our customers and their suggestions. Nothing is ever perfect, and things may sometimes go wrong, but your feedback helps us find solutions to those issues and help our flag mounts evolve. All feedback, big or small is welcomed and appreciated and most of all will be listened to.

Weight1.67 lbs
Dimensions21 × 3 × 1.5 in
Finish: 18in Truck


8x11" Flag

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6X8" Bottom Flag

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Topper: Truck

Brass Ball, Brass Eagle, Nickel Ball

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