Motorcycle Flag Mount With 11.5X15in Virginia State Flag



A Motorcycle Flag Mount Unique as You

Show everyone your state pride by proudly flying this vibrant Virginia State Flag on your flag mount!

The X50 Motorcycle Flag Mount with 11.5×15″ Virginia State Flag is a motorcycle flag mount like no other.  Each motorcycle flag kit comes with a flag mount with our unique patented design which protects and prolongs the life of the flag, premium, high quality, dye-sublimated flag which gives you the crispest images and most vibrant colors, and a mounting bracket that secures your flag mount to your motorcycle luggage rack or hard baggers. Each motorcycle flag mount is handmade in the USA by a small family owned business in Wausau, WI. See the other benefits of the X50 Motorcycle Flag Mount below!

**Each Motorcycle Flag Mount Kit Comes With Everything You Need to Easily Install and Fly Your Flags Right Out of The Box. This includes the Flag Mount, Virginia State Flag, Specified Mounting Bracket to Fit Bike, Loctite, Set of Wrenches, Instructions, and Topper**

x50 Motorcycle Flag Mount product features

Premium Quality Flags

Our flags are made with the highest quality polyester fabric and are colored using dye-sublimation which “dyes” the fabric. This process leaves you with vibrant colors and crisp images.

Not Limited to Small Flags

Be limited to 6×9″ flags no more! With our motorcycle flag mounts you have the choice to fly either 8×11″ flags, 11.5×15″ flags, or 8×11″ with a 6×8″ flag on the same pole. Your bike is customizable, your flag mount should be too!

Flag Secured By Mount

Why pay for a motorcycle flag mount that is “Stainless” or “Chrome” if the flag goes over the pole and you can’t see it? Our flags slide down into the pole, which not only secures the flag from coming off or being stolen but also allows you to see what you paid for: that chrome-like finish.

Super Tight Mounting Bracket

The use of 4 screws situated close to the bar ensures a super tight grip, all of which was a suggestion from one of our customers. Rest assured your flag mount will never loosen up!

Extended Mounting Bracket

Your luggage rack also needs to carry luggage sometimes. Our motorcycle flag mounts use mounting brackets that are extended out past the rack allowing you to still be able to use your rack. Also of which was a suggestion from one of our customers.

Mounting Brackets to Fit Almost Any Rack

We have a vast variety of mounting brackets and mounting solutions to fit almost any rack. Have an odd size or want to see where to mount it on your bike? Give us a call and we can help you decide! All mounting brackets machined in house and alterations can be made if needed.

Stylish, Unique Design Protects Flags

Patented design not only looks good and unique but is designed with one purpose in mind: to preserve flags and save you money

Attention-Grabbing Toppers

The high contrast of the brass topper with the chrome like finish of your flag mount is sure to grab attention and be the envy of those around you.

Handmade in USA

Each flag mount & flag is handmade in Wausau, WI with quality USA made materials.

How the X50 wings work


  1. The Wings deflect air around the flag, thus preventing and prolonging flag life by reducing the whip of the flag.
  2. The slots regulate air flow to the flag, providing just enough air to ensure the flag flies perfectly at all speeds.


  • Your flags will last 30,000 miles (or more) in clean airflow at highway speeds. If not in direct airflow they could last upwards of 50,000+ miles on OTR trucks & cars and possibly even longer on motorcycles (some customers reporting getting well over 100k miles out of their flags on their motorcycles)
  • The flags will fly quietly as if they were not even there with no loud flapping sounds

X50 Flag Mounts are the only flag mounts designed to be flown on any vehicle at highway speeds. Other flag mounts may say they are “parade flags” and actually have a warning that you cannot ride over 45MPH or the flag will shred or break off. Don’t be limited by your flags!

With our patented design the X50 Flag Mount has one goal: to make your flags last longer even at high speeds. Thomas Edison’s light bulb idea took 10,000 attempts for him to get it right, we had a similar experience in the development of our flag mounts. The unique combination of the “winged” design along with the air regulation slots took countless revisions to get it right. We greatly value innovation and are constantly looking for ways to make our products better. See how the wings work in the video and diagram below.

Flag Mount Dimensions & Specs

18" Motorcycle Flag Mount
18in Motorcycle Flag Mount Dimensions
18" X50 Flag Mount with 11.5x15" Flag
14" Motorcycle Flag Mount
14in Motorcycle Flag Mount Dimensions
14" X50 Flag Mount with 8.5" x 11" Flag
18" 2-Flag Motorcycle Flag Mount
Motorcycle Flag Mount 2-Flag Dimensions
X50 2 Flag Mount with 8x11" Top & 6x8" Bottom Flag

Outstanding Customer Service Built on Relationships

Your Feedback is Valued and Helps Drive our Innovation

In this day and age if you’re not constantly getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no status quo anymore.  We strive to be the best flag mounts on the market but can’t do that alone, it takes help from our customers which is why we always encourage and value feedback. Many of our innovations have come from that feedback from our customers and their suggestions. Nothing is ever perfect, and things may sometimes go wrong, but your feedback helps us find solutions to those issues and help our flag mounts evolve. All feedback, big or small is welcomed and appreciated and most of all will be listened to.

Weight1.6 lbs
Dimensions21 × 3 × 1.5 in
Finish: 18in MC

Black, Chrome

Mounting Bracket

, , ,

Topper: 18in

Brass Ball, Brass Eagle, Nickel Ball

Flag on Mount Category


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How To Get 30,000 Miles or More Out of Your Flags

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    Herbert O.
    US US
    Great product and look.

    Lot's of interest from my friends!

    Randall W.
    US US
    Great product!

    Easy assembly - clear instructions. Works fine at highway speeds with no problems.

    Jeffrey W.
    US US
    I love it. Easy to install.

    Item came in short order. Will order from you again when. I add another flag to my motorcycle.

    X50 Flag Mounts Motorcycle Flag Mount With 11.5X15in Virginia State Flag Review
    Larry S.
    US US
    X50 flag

    Quality of frame and material looks really good . Have not had the opportunity to ride as of the stay at home rule . From looks of it , awesome ! Will pass this along to fellow riders who are veterans as I am.

    Ronald H.
    US US

    Beautiful easy to mount

    Ronald H.
    US US
    Flag mounts

    Flag mounts are beautiful easy to mount

    X50 Flag Mounts Motorcycle Flag Mount With 11.5X15in Virginia State Flag Review
    Erick O.
    US US

    Great!! Excellent Quality and look Great; Thank You!!

    X50 Flag Mounts Motorcycle Flag Mount With 11.5X15in Virginia State Flag Review
    Gene G.
    United States United States

    Best flag mounts n flags on the market. Customer service above and beyond and did I mention how badass they look on the ultra.


    I am so happy with the quality of the flags and flag holder and they look great on my bike and all the wonderful help I received while trying to find the right product for my motorcycle!!! I recommend your company any day!! And I have already passed out a few of your cards thank you so much!!!!


    very happy with flags, just need a little adjustment period so flags fly right thanks love them


    So far great.


    Their really Beautiful and enhance my 2019 Ultra Limited. What an eye catcher.


    Best flag mount available. When I ride in organized events, other bikers always ask me where I got it (I think I need more X50 business cards to give out). It's the only one I know of with an eagle on top (and a good quality one too). Flag still looks great after thousands of miles. The U.S. flag is a big deal, gotta make sure the mount is also a big deal. Great company to do business with!


    The motorcycle flag mount appears to be of high quality, it looks great on my 2017 Limited HD. I haven’t had a chance to take to the road due to our unfortunate weather pattern in the northeast. Great looking flag for the greatest country in the world.


    I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. If you are looking for the best the X50 Flags should be the only pick!


    Flag and mount are excellent quality. I own an Indian and my previous Harley flag mount used to rotate on my luggage rack and I was replacing worn out flags at least once a year (approximately 10,000 miles). I ordered the X-50 (for Indian) and it fits nice and tight on my luggage rack. I only have around 500 miles on it, so I'll have to wait to see how long it lasts. However; it looks like it should last much longer than what I've been experiencing.


    Very easy to work with, excellent quality product and fast shipping. Will definitely do buy again


    Awesome mount and flag great company


    These flags look great on my Ultra Classic. I can't wait to show them off


    there great

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