Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers, & Mounting Brackets

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Our Popular Motorcycle Flag Mount Package, Made Your Way

Perfect for any one who wants to create a flag display on their motorcycle!

The X50 Motorcycle Flag Mount 3 Mount Package is a motorcycle flag mount kit like no other.  Each motorcycle flag kit comes with a 18″ flag mount and 2 14″ flag mounts that use our unique patented design which protects and prolongs the life of the flag. This package also include premium, high quality, dye-sublimated flags which gives you the crispest images and most vibrant colors, and mounting brackets that secures your flag mounts to your motorcycle luggage rack or hard baggers. Each motorcycle flag mount is handmade in the USA by a small family owned business in Wausau, WI. See the other benefits of the X50 Motorcycle Flag Mount below!

**Each Motorcycle Flag Mount 3 Mount Package Kit Comes With Everything You Need to Easily Install and Fly Your Flags Right Out of The Box. This includes the (1) 18″ Flag Mount and (2) 14″ Flag Mounts, Flags of Choice, Specified Mounting Brackets to Fit Bike, Loctite, Set of Wrenches, Instructions, and Toppers**

x50 Motorcycle Flag Mount product features

Quality, Craftsmanship, & Made In USA

Each motorcycle flag mount & flag is handmade in Wausau, WI with quality USA materials. We are a small family business and are strong believers in American Made Quality & craftsmanship. The unique flag mount design that helps protect the flags is a thing of beauty and is sure to get you a lot of compliments!

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed

We have built our business around providing you, the customer, with an unmatched experience of product quality, responsiveness, customer service, and craftsmanship that we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your flag mount.  If you ever have an issue please give us a call, we want to make sure it is taken care of and you are happy with your motorcycle flag mount and are willing to tell others about where you got yours.

Unheard of Standards of Customer Service

We are Ron & Gene Leptien, owners of X50 Flag Mounts. We are a small family business and with that we go out of our way to make sure that no matter what our customers are taken care of. We take pride in our quick response times and getting back to you in a very timely manner. When you call you get an actual human not some machine, and will be taken care of in a manner that 

Flag Mounts for Most Motorcycles

Whether you ride a Harley, Indian, or Goldwing* and have a luggage rack on your bike we want you to have the ability to fly one of our flag mounts! We have mounting bracket options that fit a wide variety of luggage racks and motorcycles. Although we try to offer a solution for everyone it’s impossible to have it fit every motorcycle and situation. Please review our fitment chart before buying and if you still have questions PLEASE feel free to give us a call! We will take a look at your motorcycle and work with you to find a possible solution as to where you can mount your flag mount.
*fits the Honda Goldwing Kuryakyn luggage rack not the new, angled, flat rack

Super Tight Mounting Bracket

The use of 4 screws situated close to the bar ensures a super tight grip, all of which was a suggestion from one of our customers. Each motorcycle flag mount order also comes with a tube of red loctite* (don’t worry, it will come off if need be!) or a pre-treated bolt to ensure you don’t have any issues with your motorcycle flag mount loosening up, no matter what make or model you ride. Made from extruded aluminum the mounting bracket will form around your luggage rack, ensuring a super tight fit while reducing the likelihood of damaging or scratching your rack.

*failure to use provided loctite or pre-treated bolts will void warranty.

Extended Mounting Bracket

Your luggage rack also needs to carry luggage sometimes. Our mounting brackets are extended out past the rack allowing you to still be able to use your luggage rack for what it was originally intended for: to haul luggage. This design feature was a suggestion from one of our customers which was immediately incorporated into the design of our mounting bracket. 

Mounting Brackets to Fit Almost Any Rack

We have a vast variety of mounting brackets and mounting solutions to fit almost any rack. Have an odd size or want to see where to mount it on your bike? Give us a call and we can help you decide! 

Stylish, Unique Design Protects Flags

Our Motorcycle Flag Mounts use a patented design that not only looks good and unique but is designed with one purpose in mind: to preserve flags and save you money

Attention-Grabbing Toppers

We offer a variety of toppers that are designed to keep your flag in the mount but also to provide a breathtaking accent to your motorcycle flag mount.  Choose either an eagle or a ball topper in a variety of finishes to perfectly compliment your motorcycle and personality!

Not Limited to Small Flags

Be limited to 6×9″ flags no more! With our motorcycle flag mounts you have the choice to fly either 8×11″ flags, 11.5×15″ flags, or 8×11″ with a 6×8″ flag on the same pole. Your bike is customizable, your flag mount should be too!

Flag Secured By Mount

Why pay for a motorcycle flag mount that is “Stainless” or “Chrome” if the flag goes over the pole and you can’t see it? Our flags slide down into the pole, which not only secures the flag from coming off or being stolen but also allows you to see what you paid for: that chrome-like finish.

Premium Quality Flags

Our flags are made with the highest quality polyester fabric and are colored using dye-sublimation which “dyes” the fabric. This process leaves you with vibrant colors and crisp images.

How the X50 wings work


  1. The Wings deflect air around the flag, thus preventing and prolonging flag life by reducing the whip of the flag.
  2. The slots regulate air flow to the flag, providing just enough air to ensure the flag flies perfectly at all speeds.


  • Your flags will last 30,000 miles (or more) in clean airflow at highway speeds. If not in direct airflow they could last upwards of 50,000+ miles on OTR trucks & cars and possibly even longer on motorcycles (some customers reporting getting well over 100k miles out of their flags on their motorcycles)
  • The flags will fly quietly as if they were not even there with no loud flapping sounds

X50 Flag Mounts are the only flag mounts designed to be flown on any vehicle at highway speeds. Other flag mounts may say they are “parade flags” and actually have a warning that you cannot ride over 45MPH or the flag will shred or break off. Don’t be limited by your flags!

With our patented design the X50 Flag Mount has one goal: to make your flags last longer even at high speeds. Thomas Edison’s light bulb idea took 10,000 attempts for him to get it right, we had a similar experience in the development of our flag mounts. The unique combination of the “winged” design along with the air regulation slots took countless revisions to get it right. We greatly value innovation and are constantly looking for ways to make our products better. See how the wings work in the video and diagram below.

Flag Mount Dimensions & Specs

18" Motorcycle Flag Mount
18" X50 Flag Mount with 11.5x15" Flag
18" 2-Flag Motorcycle Flag Mount
X50 2 Flag Mount with 8x11" Top & 6x8" Bottom Flag
14" Motorcycle Flag Mount
14" X50 Flag Mount with 8.5" x 11" Flag

Outstanding Customer Service Built on Relationships

Your Feedback is Valued and Helps Drive our Innovation

In this day and age if you’re not constantly getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no status quo anymore.  We strive to be the best flag mounts on the market but can’t do that alone, it takes help from our customers which is why we always encourage and value feedback. Many of our innovations have come from that feedback from our customers and their suggestions. Nothing is ever perfect, and things may sometimes go wrong, but your feedback helps us find solutions to those issues and help our flag mounts evolve. All feedback, big or small is welcomed and appreciated and most of all will be listened to.

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John V.
I recommend this product

Great Product

Finally flag mounts that work, hold on and don't shift, and look good. Rode all day Saturday and they worked perfectly. Flags flew like they should and the design is ideal for a motorcycle. Best of all the mounts were designed for my air wing rack and unlike the dealer flag mount it does not move at all.

X50 Flag Mounts Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers,  ReviewX50 Flag Mounts Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers,  Review
Thomas B.
I recommend this product

Top Notch Flags

Excellent!! Thanks Gene!! Your product has definitely exceeded my expectations, I'm very impressed. The depth of chrome, weight of the metal & the stainless steel bolts definitely sets the bar well above all the rest. v/r Tom

Melvin F.
I recommend this product

Motorcycle flags

Love they way they look on my HD Ultra Classic. Easy to install. Have one on my truck with over 20k miles.

X50 Flag Mounts Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers,  Review
Jay O.
I recommend this product


So far great quality first time TTTT ride next weekend!

Harry S.
I recommend this product


I have yet to use the flags, bike still in shop. I am impressed with the flags and the craftsmanship put into these flag poles and flags. Gene has been great and it has become a personal experience. Wisconsin does it right and proud to have a company like X50 as a representative for those that love to fly flags in a great style and honor. The Eagle is the best.

I recommend this product

X50 Flags & Mounts Initial Review

I enjoy showing my patriotism while riding my motorcycle and travel at highway speeds just about everywhere I go. I was a bit skeptical about these flags & mounts, especially with the price point. I am impressed with how heavy duty and durable the poles and flags appear. I now have them on my tour pack and will be proudly flying them for some time. I average approx. 15K miles annually so I should get a minimum of 2.5 years or more service out of these.

Gary M.
I recommend this product

A1 Quality.

Awesome product and customer service! Http://

X50 Flag Mounts Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers,  ReviewX50 Flag Mounts Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package: Pick Your Flags, Toppers,  Review
David H.
I recommend this product

Happy Camper!

Easy installation. Sharp looks. Definite attention getters at our 9/111 parade.

Charles H.
I recommend this product

Fantastic American Made Flag set

Ordering was easy and shipping fast. Every aspect clamps, poles and flags are solid built and look great. Yes you will pay a bit more but 100 % worth it. Do not buy the cheap versions you will regret not buying X50.

Jimmy S.
I recommend this product

Motorcycle 3 mount package

I have them on my bike, they are beautiful and the best Flags I’ve ever had. Love the Flag poles the way they shine and the brass eagle toppers are awesome. I’m proud to show them off on my Goldwing. I’ll be buying some more Flags and will recommend them to anyone. Your service is as awesome as your products.

Daryl H.
I recommend this product

Great flags! They actually fly.

The only thing I would change is to use torx instead of allen screws. At least for me, would have made them easier to install. I like the way they sit behind the luggage rack so as not to take away any space.

James P.
I recommend this product

Best Flags and Mounts " ever"

Outstanding, highly recommend these flags and mounts. Don't spend $1200.00 ( for trailer hitch, 3 flag holder mount, 3 flag poles, etc., plus replacing 3X5 flags every 3 to 6 months from wind damage at 70+mph. 5 star rating for sure.

Sebastian F.
I recommend this product

Chrome Motorcycle 3 Mount Package

The 3 mount package looks great on my Road Glide. The quality of the craftmanship is fantastic. Very happy with this purchase.

david c.
I recommend this product

awesome service

great service great product great experience looks awesome works great great all around

Robert G.

Awesome Flags

Great customer service and product. Thanks again

Jack D.

Excellent product

Great idea and well made in USA


I am absolutely amazed at the service, assistance and the attention to details for my order on the 3 flag mount! Excellent quality, outstanding craftsmanship and appearance that makes me as a Veteran proud to display your product! I will gladly promote your business and your products! Thank You for a job well done! Charles C.


I ordered a single flag last year. The mount on the bike that the flag was mounted to broke and I lost the flag this happened a little over week before memorial day and my daughter and I were set to be in parades. I got a luggage rack to mount the flags to however, the bars were square. they vollenteered to machine the bracket out to the square size I needed. When they did not get the set in the mail soon enough for me to get them Eugene personally delivered and installed the flags. The flags held up and stayed tight until riding on the freeway to Milwaukee. If you take your bike on the interstate I suggest using lock tight to keep them tight. Flags are excellent quality and customer service is great.


Outstanding.put over a 150 mile this weekend in the rain and 42 degrees flags standing tall, also all the guys given comment asking where they can get them. Thanks, George ALRA member


The shipping was fast, the mounts were well packaged and they look GREAT on my bike. All i can really say is Quality, Quality, Quality.

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Motorcycle Mounting Bracket Guide

To reduce the possibility of purchasing the wrong mounting bracket please follow the steps below to measure what bracket would work best for you.

How To Measure Your Luggage Rack

This method will be the most accurate way to determine which mounting bracket you should choose.

Step 1: Get yourself a pair of calipers or a micrometer and make sure it is on the “inch” setting
Step 2: With the calipers closed, zero out the reading
Step 3: Open the calipers just wide enough to fit over your luggage rack in the desired area of where you want your flag mount installed
Step 4: Take a measurement of the width of where you plan on mounting the bracket.  Make sure there is at least 1.25″ of clearance. Take into consideration the welds if mounting between bars.

Step 1: Take an open-ended wrench and slide it into the bar/tubing
Step 2: Make sure wrench fits snug around rack bar/tubing
Step 3: Reference wrench size to the sizes down below. (Most likely will be 1/2 or 5/8)

The String Method is great for anyone with a round luggage rack and who does not have a caliper/micrometer and will provide a fairly accurate measurement to see which mounting bracket you should choose. You will need a piece of string or a thin piece of paper that can wrap around the tubing and also a marker.

Step 1: Grab a piece of string that is at least 3 inches in length (easier to handle)
Step 2: Wrap the piece of string around your luggage rack tubing in your desired spot you would like to mount your flag mount. Make sure to have string taught and make sure to overlap string
Step 3: Take marker and mark over top of both parts of the string. Make it dark enough that you will be able to measure off of.
Step 4: Take a ruler and measure the distance between both marks on the string.
Step 5: Once you have this measurement reference the number in inches to the chart below as to what mounting bracket you should choose.
Step 6: Measure the width of the area you are wanting to put your flag mount and make sure there is at least 1.25″ of clearance that the mounting bracket can fit between. Be sure to take into consideration the welds if mounting between bars.

The Tape Measure method is perfect for anyone who has a square rack but is slightly less recommended for anyone with a round rack.

Step 1: Grab your tape measure
Step 2: Pull the tape out and hold up on top of the tubing where you would desire to have your flag mount mounted.
Step 3: Take a measurement of the width of the tubing (make sure your eyes are directly above the tape measure looking straight down)
Step 4: Take a measurement of the width of where you plan on mounting the bracket.  Make sure there is at least 1.25″ of clearance. Take into consideration the welds if mounting between bars.

1/2" Round (Most Common)

Wrench Method: 1/2″ Wrench
String Measurement: 1 5/8″
Tape Measurement: 1/2″

3 Mount Setup

2 Flag Mount SetUp

Single Flag Mount Setup

5/8" Round

Caliper/Micrometer Measurement: 0.625″
Wrench Method: 5/8
String Measurement: 2 3/16″- 2 1/4″
Tape Measurement: 5/8″

3 Mount Setup

2 Flag Mount SetUp

Single Flag Mount Setup

5/8" Square

Caliper/Micrometer Measurement: 0.625″
Wrench Method: 5/8
Tape Measurement: 5/8″

2 Flag Mount SetUp

Single Flag Mount Setup

Honda Flat Rack

Caliper/Micrometer Measurement: 0.600″ wide, 0.260″ Thick
Wrench Method: 5/8 wide (will have some play), 1/4 thick (will be just a hair too small to fit)
Tape Measurement: Just Under 5/8″ wide, just over 1/4″ thick

2 Flag Mount SetUp

Single Flag Mount Setup

Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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