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New York Yankees Car Flag


Flag Fits On X50 Flag Mounts ONLY!

Hand Made In Wausau, WI.    


Official Licensed Sports Flags
  • Fits X50 Flag Mounts
  • Last up to 50 times longer (when use with X50 flag mount)
  • Super Quiet (when use with X50 flag mount)
    *Official Licensed flag produced by Fremont Die
New York Yankees car flag for X50 Flag Mounts

When you mount your New York Yankees car flag on a X50 Flag mount your flag will last up to 50 times longer. That means your flag will last several seasons. Who knows it may last all the way to the world series.

Plus you will no longer hear that annoying flapping sound that you get from regular car flags.

And if you accidentally start rolling down your window New York Yankees car flag won’t fly off because it’s held on with a industrial strength suction cup.

That makes X50 Flag Mount Flags a bargain!

The best gift you can give any Yankees fan is a New York Yankees car flag with a X50 Flag Mount.

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Weight 0.05 lbs
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