Pilot Car Flag Mount Package - (2) Flag Mounts, (2) 18" Orange or Red Safety Flags



This Pilot Car Flag Mount Package is perfect for any Pilot Car that puts on a lot of miles but doesn’t want to damage or alter their car(s) to accommodate the required flags.  Each Pilot Car Flag Mount Package inlcudes (2) Pilot Car Flag Mounts with our very popular window clip mounting bracket. 

This window clip is the easiest way to mount a pilot car flag on any vehicle. This window clip mount includes a protective strip that goes over the window, a suction cup that ensures flag mount doesn’t fall off if window is accidentally rolled down, and an adjustable slot so you can have your flags at almost any angle you want.  

Each package also includes two safety orange mesh flags which are coated to ensure maximum durability and flag life. If you have to fly flags on your car, why not fly the best pilot car flags on the market and save yourself a headache!

x50 Pilot Car Flag Mount product features

Easy to Use Window Mount

Our Pilot Car Flag Mount is the easiest to install on the market. Installation takes mere seconds. The mount is secured to the window clip which goes over the window. Suction cup helps prevent flag mount from coming off in the event of an accidental window roll down.

High Visibility Mount Stands Out

Our Pilot Car Flag Mounts are painted with high visibility colors which in conjunction with the flags stand out and get attention better than any other flag mounts.

Durable Flags That Last

The Pilot Car Flag Mounts include durable poly coated mesh flags. These not only will last a long time but will keep you from having to replace flags frequently.

Durable Powdercoat Finish

With as many miles as you can put on in a pilot car you can see a lot of different weather on the road and drive through many different environments. From getting hit with snow and rain all the way to getting peppered with pebbles the finish on our pilot car flag mounts will stand up to whatever nature may throw at it.

Handmade in USA

Each flag mount & flag is handmade in Wausau, WI with quality USA made materials by a small family owned business.

Flag Secured by Flag Pole

The flag on the pilot car flag mount is secured by the pole. The flag sits down inside of the pole and is secured by a set screw at the top. This means flags fly securely and are not able to fly off the car no matter what.

Pilot Car Flag Mount Dimensions & Specs

Pilot Car Flag Mount Dimensions

What else makes us unique

We Offer Fleet Discounts

Interested in purchasing pilot car flag mounts for your entire fleet? Well you’re in luck because we offer fleet discounts! Call us or email us at groups@x50flagmounts.com to learn more!

Your Feedback is Valued and Helps Drive our Innovation

In this day and age if you’re not constantly getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no status quo anymore.  We strive to be the best flag mounts on the market but can’t do that alone, it takes help from our customers which is why we always encourage and value feedback. Many of our innovations have come from that feedback from our customers and their suggestions. Nothing is ever perfect, and things may sometimes go wrong, but your feedback helps us find solutions to those issues and help our flag mounts evolve. All feedback, big or small is welcomed and appreciated and most of all will be listened to.

Pilot Car Flag Mount Left

So Why Buy From X50 Flag Mounts?

  • Window Clip is the Easiest Way to Mount Pilot Car Flags on the Market today, no permanent mounting brackets or damage done to cars
  • We pride ouselves on Customer Service, if you EVER have a problem we will take care of it
  • Quality Craftsmanship that is Handmade in USA. 
  • Highest Quality Flags With Most Vibrant Colors on the Market
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, We Strive for 5 Stars!
Pilot Car Flag Mount Right
Weight2.12 lbs
Dimensions23 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
Pole Color

Black, Orange

Flag Color

Red, Orange

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