160,000 miles on 12×15 Motorcycle flags?!? Flags Outlast TWO bikes?!

12x15" Long Lasting US Flag Motorcycle Flag Mount

This is one of our first customers that ever bought our mounts. His name is Dave. He came in to our shop quite a few years ago looking for flags after hearing our flags are really tough. “It’s not the flags, but the flag mount that preserves flags” my dad (Gene) stated as Dave stood […]

X50 Flag Mounts: Family, Patriotism, and the American Dream. This Is Who We Are

X50 Flag Mounts Founders Gene & Ron

We Stand Behind What We Do The internet can be a crazy place.  With the online shopping and social media craze you never really know who you may be buying from and way too often the business owners hide behind their websites and fancy marketing campaigns because they don’t want you to know who they […]