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Fast delivery, Gene even called to confirm the appropriate size bracket I needed before shipping. Flags, brackets and poles are excellent quality. The eagle topper is an magnificent look pair with the American flag. Highly recommend this company.

The flags look great on our can a. Thank you

AWESOME product

As I looked at various truck flags on line, I hesitated when I saw the X50’s price. I took the chance and I couldn’t be happier that I did! What a great product! I’ve already had multiple compliments and requests for info. In the near future, I plan on buying a second X50 with an Irish flag as I hold dual citizenship. I also plan on buying an American flag for my son who is active duty US Coast Guard. I highly recommend the X50 flag mount for anyone who wants a quality product to show their patriotism.

Best thing around for the farm!

We have 3 of your flags and are very well pleased with all three, they are really a neat way to show our passion for our country and support those that are serving as well.
Keep up the great work

Motorcycle Mounting Bracket
Glenn Hintz (Chicago, IL, US)
Indian Roadmaster Mount

I needed a mount that would work for my Indian trunk/ tour pak. I think this worked out nicely.

These are absolute top quality flags and flag mounts, that display perfectly at both low and high speed. The mounting hardware is rock solid and looks great…a professional looking result, and NOT like something you just tacked on. Display your colors the way they’re meant to be displayed; properly and with pride!

Best flags on the market

I have one on every truck we own they look great and hold up for a really long time !

Looks awesome. Hopefully it stays at that angle when we’re going down the road. Thank you very much

I ordered a custom "Appeal to Heaven" flag and it is terrific. The image I uploaded was printed very clearly and the overall quality matches every other "official" flag I've ordered from this shop. Totally worth the extra money to have this historic flag that George Washington flew over 6 warships he commissioned!

West Virginia State Flag
Alan Morris (Lewisburg, WV, US)
State Flags

The WV State Flag looks great on our trike along with the USA and thin blue line flags


I do have a x50 Mount on my trike as noted in the photo but this one was a gift to my son in law for his bike second picture. After he saw the quality of the mounts on my Trike he was sure he was going to buy one but I thought that would be a great gift. The Order was processed very very fast. Easy to install, great customer service and a high quality mount that is American Made. It should be noted that my son in law had really cheap flags on his bike before that looked really bad. This has been a great improvement. He will be a repeat customer and so will I.

So far so good

I haven't gotten my rig out of the shop, so will have to see how it holds up whenever spring finally gets here. But so far I am very pleased with the flag and mount

Maiden Voyage of My New Flag Mount

I made an 882-mile trip this weekend from Orange County California to Lake Havasu and Las Vegas on Desert backroads. On the way out I did not have the fold-down mount bracket bolt tight enough and the wind blew the flags over to the luggage rack. On the trip back I tightened the bolt up really well and that did the trick even at 80 MPH plus!! Awesome product... Going to enjoy having them during my upcoming Run For the Wall trip in May!
Thank you so much,
Doug Casady

American Flag
Alan Morris (Lewisburg, WV, US)
New Flags & the foldable mount

WE have been running the X50 Flags for the last three years and finally had to get new flags for our poles. Our biggest issue was trying to cover the trike at a hotel overnight due to the flags keeping the cover up. Gene and his son came up with a foldable mount that now allows our flags to lay down on the luggage rack at nights and now allowing our trike cover to fit normally. We are very happy with our flags, mounts and now the new foldable hinge.

I find the flag mounts look great. I don’t think they will work loose, hkwever, I ride a Harley. Fastners need checking ever now and then. Attached you will please find four pictures of my setup.

It does what they say

I have had numerous flags on my bikes which get torn to sheds shortly after I put them on, or they break at the base. The X50 Flag Mount is the cat’ ass, at 60 mph it sits back there and flutters in the wind, at 80 mph it does whip around pretty good but does hold up. It is made of good quality parts and looks really good on my scoot. It is a little pricey but you won’t be replacing flags all the time or looking back and the whole thing is gone. It is probably one of the best accessories I have put on, well almost. I give two thumbs up or five stars whatever you like. GREAT PRODUCT..

X50 flag mounts

I’m Doug from California, I’ve used a lot of flag mounts in the past, when I saw this flag mount on the internet I said what the heck give it a try, when I received it the quality of the medal used to make the X50 was by far superior workmanship to develop this great flag pole for a motorcycle, and the flag’s are great and bright colors, even better when I called the company I was shocked That Gene one of the owners answered the telephone, very easy to talk to down to earth, they also give veterans discount call before ordering so Gene or his son can give you the code you need to get the discount, it’s great to know that American made products far made better than any foreign companies, thanks Gene it was great talking to you, continue making great flag poles and flags. Doug

Awsome product

Great customer service, looks great and very solid mount. Can’t wait to show it off in Daytona next week!!

Fold Down Attachment (Must Add 1 Per Mount)
Jerry Berner (Broken Arrow, OK, US)
Best mobile flag pole I have used

I have ran flag poles on my motorcycles for years. Went through several flags that litterly tore them selves up. When my last set of fold down poles wore out i ran across the X50. I bought one and ran it the past year and just removed it every time I put my cover on. Now I have the folding hinge on it and I think it looks great. I will be looking to buy another pole in the near future. Trying to set up a American Legion Riders group here and will be showing this flag setup to everyone.

Brass Eagle Topper
Danial Cotterman (Palm Bay, FL, US)
The best out there

I love this product you make the best poll and top for it then I've seen

I recommend for anyone who wants a flag pole for there bike.

Motorcycle Mounts

Great experiences utilizing flag mounts attached to my Air Wing luggage Rack!

High quality

As advertised, high quality

Fold Down Attachment (Must Add 1 Per Mount)
Michael Wood (Lawrenceville, GA, US)
High quality

Mounted very easy came with everything required. High quality material and workmanship. Flag rides well going at any speed. I have owned the cheap Chinese mounts and the X50 exceeds them all. I also did receive a veterans discount and Custer service was great. Dealing with an American company with an American product made the extra cost worth every penny. It should also be noted that you will not loose your flag riding down the road. I also bought the fold down option and so glad I spent the extra. I will buy again.

Motorcycle flag mount and flags

The product is made very well and with high quality products. I fly the American flag every day and everywhere. Yours looks incredible on my motorcycle.

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Motorcycle Flag Mount with 8x11 American Flag

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